Links and It's Types

In our link popularity exchange, we are going to discuss in detail what is link and types of links and gain some knowledge which is helpful for you.

What is Link?

Links are used to building relationships between the two different pages or websites. With just one click the visitor can easily move from one page to another or the other website whose content is related to your websites.  The links can be given in the form of text, image, video, etc. Providing the proper links helps you to increase the ranking of your websites. The search engines use the links to check the authority and trustworthiness of your sites.

Types of links:

There are 5 types of links

  1. Internal Links
  2. External Links
  3. Natural Links
  4. Manually obtained links
  5. Self-created Links

Internal Links:

Internal links are providing the link from one page to the other page on your website. The internal links help the users to visit one page to another page easily. When one page on your website links to the other pages of your website it has some authority of the page which helps to increase the rank in the search engine. The internal links help to increase the page authority of your website.

External Links:

External links are providing the links from the other website to your website.  The external links from the high authority sites help you to increase the ranking of your site in the search engines. The quality and quantity appear in the external link must be very important. If you are adding the trust and high authority websites to your site help to bring the trust or believable to your website.

You must also need to know the difference between Internal Links and External Links

Backlinks are the link from one website to another website. The backlink is also known as an inbound link or incoming link. You should be very careful while using the link exchange on your websites.

Natural Links:

Natural links are receiving links from the other sites without getting any permission to it. The natural link shows that the content in your website are good and people are willing to visit your site.

Manually Obtained Link:

The manually obtained link means obtaining the links to your site manually by asking the other website owners or bloggers to provide the link to your site.

Self-created Link:

Self-created links are links that are created by a website owner themselves to fool search engines that their links are relevant and important.


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