Facebook marketing

Nearly one billion users visit Facebook and spent nearly 2 hrs every day. Facebook is the best way to promote our business. Facebook helps our users or customers to know more about our products.

First, we have to create a personal account on Facebook. After creating the personnel account you have to sign up for the Facebook Business Page. You no need to worry no personal information is shared with the people.

Create your Business Account on Facebook. Select the page which you want to create a Business/Brand or community/public figure. If you want to select the Business/Brand then click Get Started. Then Enter your Page name. Mostly for Page name select your business name and also select the categories. By providing the page name as your business name helps the people to easily identify your brand.

Now upload the profile and the cover pictures. Create the username and it acts as a URL that helps the people to visit your page.

After providing the username to your page provide a detailed description of your business. And also provide the location, contact details, open time of your business. Start creating your story and post publish it.

On Facebook, you can easily target your customers, and also they can get some ideas about what are the products available at your site. If the viewers like your content and the product it makes them like and share with their friends. It helps our business to promote easily.

On Facebook, you can also attract customers by making Facebook ads and video ads.

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