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Congratulations! You found us! News, forums, articles, reviews and webmaster tips to help increase your web sites link popularity, link reputation and most importantly TRAFFIC! We have boldly proclaimed our name to be Link Popularity Exchange so hopefully it will get easier and easier to find us on the search engines, as we become more established! With your help we'll become a popular and trusted source of information and resources for webmasters of all types!

The idea of Link Popularity Exchange is to provide search engine optimization news and information, as well as a forum for webmasters to share ideas on how to get more traffic to our web sites. One of the best ways to get traffic is by exchanging links! We'll share with you winning strategies to get your sites linked and more importantly ranked high in the search engines!

How Search Engines Work - learn about the techniques that make search engines smile and take notice of your pages!

It used to be enough to just go out and get a massive number of links without respect to quality. Blind reciprocal links, free for all links pages and link farms with networks of unrelated web themes may have worked in the old days, but now we need to provide relevent theme related link strategies to reap the ultimate benefits of link popularity.

It is now more important than ever to carefully approach your linking strategy. We'll do our best to steer you in the right direction and keep an open ear for what is working out in the trenches.

We look foward to communicating with webmasters like you and invite you to to particpate and share with us your thoughts, ideas and experiences, and hey, you can include your links when you contribute!

Ban Proof Your Web Sites


UTILIZING KEYWORDS properly in TITLES can help get you top 10 listings pretty darn easily if you use them fully to your advantage. Match LINK TEXT with pages that have the same words in their TITLES and you'll score big, especially with Google! In fact it's kinda like magic!

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Exchanging links is very important to get top rankings and more traffic for your web sites, but it often takes too much time from your already busy schedule... But wait - you now have a "search engine friendly" tool that for $67. will automate the entire linking process and will even validate the reciprocal links! That's awesome! And if that weren't enough - the one time fee of $67. will cover all of your domains - unlimited! No more monthly fees or per site licenses. This is a breakthrough!

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New! Essential Google Optimization Tips

There is no question that Google is the KING of SEARCH ENGINES (kiss kiss!) delivering the most relevant results of any of the top engines. How do they do it? How does Google consistently beat Yahoo and MSN to deliver what is unaminously refferred to as the best search results around? The answer to that is top secret and only known by Google but we share tips and secrets that help web pages jump to to the top of the rankings on Google.

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Linking Outside the BOX:
Non-Reciprocal Linking Strategies

Don't like to reciprocate? Well who can blame you! Maybe your significant other would not agree, but when it comes to search engine optimization, non-reciprocal links are a powerful way to get a big boost for your web sites pages in the search engine results.

Let's trade some NON RECIPROCAL links!!!

Think about it... How many times have you heard about how important it is to get your site listed in the Yahoo Directory or the Open Directory Project ( Almost every search engine guru advises to get listed in those two directories. And guess what... After your link is accepted you have a high quality NON-RECIPROCAL LINK!

We all could use a few more of those, right???

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How important are links to your web site? The web is a democracy in action you know!

The web is essentially a democratic system where surfers cast votes for web sites they believe are important by placing links, saving bookmarks and telling their friends about specific web addresses. Surfers cast votes for the sites they like.

While it may not be a secret that Link Popularity plays a large part (if not the largest part ) in the ranking of your web pages, not nearly as much is written about the quality of your links.

In this series of articles I will analyze the various facets of linking and explain tips and secrets that may help to get your pages ranked higher on Google and the other search engines.

While much of this info is basic, perhaps a few ideas may set off a spark and give you a whole new understanding, so please read on.

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Importance of Internal Links

Internal links as the name implies are links that point to pages within your own web site. Internal Links are important for two primary reasons.

1) INTERNAL LINKS help search engines and visitors find your content.
2) INTERNAL TEXT LINKS describe what the link points to.

Did you notice in number 2 that it says TEXT LINKS in CAPS?

Internal links are the most under utilized opportunity to add relevance to a web sites pages

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Link Popularity and Successful Online Marketing

In order for you to be successful in online marketing you need to have web sites that are visited by as many people as possible. Ideally those people are targeted and interested in your web site's themes.

Your online success is in direct relation to the number of unique visitors that see your web pages. It's pure arithmetic and the income you make is in direct relation to how much targeted traffic you can grab. The more warm bodies the better! The more targeted the better!

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Importance of Keyword Research for Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Research is by far the most important aspect in any Search Engine Optimization initiative. This article shall discuss the important aspects of keyword research process.

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Keyword Rich Internal Linking
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Swap out some of your IMAGE LINKS and CLICK HERE links for KEYWORD RICH TEXT LINKS and watch the Search Engines boost your rankings!

Don't like to reciprocate???
Read our featured article "Linking Outside The Box: Non-Reciprocal Linking Strategies"

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Link Popularity Exchange is a resource for webmasters to become more popular by increasing traffic to their web sites. Link popularity is an important factor in achieving high ranking web pages. Link exchanges can facilitate link popularity and that is what Link Popularity Exchange is all about. We hope you enjoy the webmaster tips and contribute to our forums and submit links and articles. Best wishes for your success!

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